5 Great Tips To Help You Select A Granny Flat Builder

So you want a granny flat. You have looked at your backyard, you have checked your finances, and it is something you really want to do. And you want to help your mum out and give her a nice place to live. So who is going to build your granny flat? What do you need to know about granny flat builders? In fact, what do they need to know? Let’s help you out.

1. Cost Overview

While you may have decided you have the finances to build this granny flat, how much is it going to COST you? You may have found the cheapest builder in the local area, but there may be a reason they cost so little. The cheapest option does not always deliver you the best value.

Flip that around, the most expensive may not always be the best for you. Sometimes the bigger companies, with overheads and salaries to pay, can charge you more to cover their own costs. Whereas the more bespoke, specialist granny flat companies may charge more than the local tradie, but less than the big names. This is because they have niched their services to granny flats alone, and only service that market.

Also, time is money. Find out how long they say it will take to build your granny flat. And hold them to that time.

2. Suitable Design

How much say do you get in the design of your granny flat? Does the builder come to you with a brochure with ten options and only those ten options?
This is YOUR granny flat, so you should get a say in how it is designed. Also, how you use the granny flat will determine the design. It might not just be a granny flat. It might be a backyard office, or an outdoor artist retreat. Does your builder cater for that?

And then you need to determine if the design fits your backyard. You may find that while the builder has ten great designs, only two fit into the space you have. Sorry about that.

3. Painless Experience

How long have the builders you’re looking at been in business? Either in business as a granny flat construction company, or the builder themselves been in business?

Additionally, when asking about experience, talk to them about their knowledge and experience with building regulation and local laws for granny flats. Most experienced builders will know their way around red tape.

You pay for experience, we all know that. But you also pay for skill. You may have a first or second time builder who really knows his stuff. Have the conversation with the builder. They may be willing to give discounts for a glowing testimonial.

Which nicely leads us to

4. Legit Testimonials

In this day and age of internet and referral marketing, what other people say about a builder is very important. Sure, check their website and read the glowing reports that company chooses to post there. But also look around on other review sites and bulletin boards.

Search Google and Facebook for the specific company name, see what other people say. Hop into discussion groups about granny flats and builders, ask around to see if people have used them. What other people say, honestly, can shed a light onto the people you’re going to trust to build for you.

5. Licenced And Qualified

This is probably the most important. If the builder is not qualified do not hire them. Do not pay them any money.

Ask for their licence credentials. You can always check for yourself on the Fair Trading Website to confirm.

Ask for their qualifications too, and check them out online as well. You do NOT want anyone unlicensed or unqualified building your granny flat. The insurance issues alone are a nightmare.

There are other things you can check before choosing a builder for your granny flat, such as looking at their website. If it looks sleek and professional then you know they’ve probably financed their enterprise in the past with flexible construction loans so they have money to invest in themselves. Do the people you’re speaking to communicate clearly with you? Or do they throw jargon at you to confuse you? Are they demanding money in the first conversation? Do they sound desperate?

Our team here at Fox Transportables have a lot more hints and tips to give you, about granny flats, and so much more. Call us on 08 3677 8335 or email us at to find out more.

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