5 Small-Space Decorating Mistakes in Your Granny Flat You Can Easily Fix

You furnished and decorated your small granny flat but you feel like space seems cluttered and tinier than it actually is? There are many great tips on how to style your petite home and make it appear bigger, cosier and more liveable. Some mistakes can be fixed quite fast. If you feel like there are too many furniture pieces, too many things lying around or too much décor on your walls, you can easily remove a few items, use multifunctional pieces or come up with a really cool idea on how to maximise your storage space. No matter how clever your decorating solutions are, you will always be limited by the size of your granny flat, so the trick is to create a good balance and maintain a clean and tidy look.

Your Home is Not Bright Enough

Natural light can make any small home seem larger, so you need to find a way to bring more of it to all the key areas of your granny flat such as living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Do you need a quick fix for this problem? Replacing heavy and opaque curtains with sheer drapes is a great idea because this will give you enough privacy but also let sun beams inside your living space. Do you want more easy decorating tips? Some décor pieces can also make your granny flat much brighter. Whether you need more natural light in your bedroom, living room or kitchen, mirrors can do the magic. You can place large mirrors on the wall across the window to double the amount of sunlight and visually enlarge space.

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Too Much Furniture in Your Granny Flat

After you have finished decorating your small granny flat you feel like space is suffocated with furniture and there is no visual flow? Removing a few items or juggling things around might be a good idea. One of the key tips is to provide some free space at the centre of each room. You can do this by moving some furniture and décor closer to the walls or into the corners. Storage boxes you have displayed in your home can be shifted underneath beds or tables, and you can also replace some chunkier pieces with smaller ones or buy a few multifunctional items such as a chairs or ottomans featuring secret storage inside.

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Crowded Surfaces

Decorating a small granny flat can be tricky, especially if you love bulky furniture and opulent home décor. You can easily end up overcrowding bigger surfaces such as floors and walls with too many items and inadvertently create a messy, cluttered look that is visually shrinking entire space. Clear surfaces can make entire space seem larger than it really is. One of the key tips is to remember that less is more. If you have already made a mistake and filled your petite home with things, you can easily rethink and redesign space by eliminating items you don’t really need. Removing pieces such as oversized tables, framed pictures, souvenirs, vases, candle holders, floor lamps or big cushions could be a good idea. Remember that everything your use to furnish and adorn your small granny flat should be functional

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Wasted Space

When decorating a very small granny flat, keep in mind that every square foot of space is valuable. Use everything you have to maximise functionality and don’t waste potential storage space by displaying too much décor. Do you need some pro tips on where to store kitchen items you can’t keep on your countertop? Maximise space in your cupboards by adding more horizontal and vertical compartments or utilise walls to display some decorative items. And if you need an idea for designing a functional living room in your tiny home, think about using spaces underneath or behind sofas, chairs, tables and your TV cabinet.

Dark Hues

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while decorating a small granny flat is suffocating space with very dark hues. If you opt for deep, moody hues for your walls, carpets, curtains, furniture and décor, your tiny home might appear even smaller than it really is. Darker hues are great for details, while brighter shades are ideal for big surfaces because they reflect light and can visually enlarge any room in your tiny home. If you already made a mistake, one of the easiest tips is to repair the damage by repainting the walls, ceiling and floors. You can also change your bedding and glam up space with décor in brighter colours. Buying carpets and curtains in light shades is also a great idea.

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