7 Key Decoration Trends To Keep Your Granny Flat Warm This Winter

It is winter and time to pull out the warm clothes, earmuffs, and fuzzy socks.  It does not mean that you need to add 30 extra blankets to your bed to warm up your granny flat. There are a lot of other ways to create a warm and fuzzy feeling in your home.

We will discuss seven decor trends that will keep your granny flat warm this winter.

1. Warm fabrics

Woven, woollen or fur textiles are a great addition to the bedroom or living room of a granny flat. You can add warmth and depth by introducing heavy drapes, tweed cushions arranged on a couch, a woven blanket draped on an armchair, or a furry rug to accessorise and cover bare floorboards.

2. Choosing suitable colour

Granny flat decor does not mean all twee knickknacks and country cottage. Dark mahogany and moody colours is one of the trending looks in winter. You can use pinstriped and jewel-toned accents, charcoal grey and matte black palette with herringbone. You can add chrome finishes like a colourful tie to a sombre suit and dashes of colour with throw cushions.

3. Get help from Nature

Granny flats are an Eco-friendly housing option, so let this reflect in your decor. Bring some outdoor plants inside and your home will make you forget the modern world.  Marble style accent rugs, rustic wall coverings, organic patterns and materials are on trend. Get inspired by nature and bring a bit of outdoors inside your home.

4. Metallic magic

A lovely way to inject a glimmer of sophistication is to add metallic to your decor. It helps to make rooms appear larger because it is highly reflective. This is always a bonus when living in a small home. You can use accents with rose gold, copper, chrome, silver, brass and metal ornaments. You can also mix and match metals with warm and cool tones. Metals also pair well with natural fibres, neutral colour palettes, and fur.

5. Terracotta tiles

If you want to be on top of the latest trends, you can add terracotta tiles with a natural matte finish to your home. They can be used as living room or kitchen flooring, as cladding around a fireplace, and feature walls in bathrooms. Terracotta will add Mediterranean warmth and character to your any sterile living spaces.

6. Use Cork

Cork is a look that you will want to adopt if you need a casual, stylish look. Cork is increasingly being used for flooring, full feature walls, and in furnitures such as stool tops, coffee table bases, or side tables. This versatile, Eco-friendly material is good for absorbing noise and softens other harder materials like timber and stone.

7. The Hygge effect

Hygge (hue-gah) is a Danish concept that will help in making your home into a heaven. It is all about natural materials, low key lighting, warmth, no clutter and creating a cozy den.

If you are looking to build the granny flat of your dreams, contact Fox Transportable Perth‘s premier granny flat builders.  Give us a call, or send us an online inquiry today to find out how we can help You.

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