Decor Ideas That Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger

Living in a granny flat can be fun and comfortable, with less cleaning to do for a start, and if done properly, a feeling of plenty of space in all rooms including the bathroom. Even a medium sized bathroom room can look small if it’s cluttered. There are some pretty clever ways to give an impression of space in any small room. Use the following ideas  to give your granny flat bathroom a new lease on life:

Floor Tiles

Tile the bathroom floor and shower recess with the same kind and colour of tiles to make the whole room feel larger. Changing materials can interrupt the space

Accent Colors/Fittings

Opt for an unusual accent colour, and with accessories like door handles, knobs and drain in brass makes the room feel clean and open

Busy Floors/Simple Walls

An elaborate tiles floor with intricate details looks great but if you opt for one of these it’s wise to make the walls simple so it doesn’t look overwhelmed by colours and patterns.



Don’t be put off by big pieces; mirrors are useful for more than just touching up your makeup – the effect of light bouncing off the reflective glass will make a difference.

– Hanging a huge mirror over a bathtub (if you have one) will make it look much larger.

– Oval mirrors seem to reach upwards and create an illusion that the ceiling is higher and the bathroom more spacious.

– Use your windows if you have no wall space to hang a mirror – just hang it in front of the window to make a statement about purposeful privacy.


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Sinks & Ledges

Try an oval sink for a softer look and you’ll have more counter space,. Don’t have a built-in vanity, either. Huge storage cupboards are not really worth it. A table with open shelves looks more slender and adds a feeling of airiness. Curves are best in tiny spaces – if you need a vanity have one with soft, rounded edges and you’ll not only have more room but you won’t be banging into sharp corners.

– Think about getting a long sink rather than a double vanity to save lots of space, and two people can use it at the same time

– Put in a ledge above the sink to hold products you use every day such as toothbrush and paste, and soap.


Saving Space

To make space in your granny flat bathroom you need to know where to save it. If you want and need a large bathtub, ensure that you’re saving that amount of space somewhere else.

– Have some built-in shelving behind the bathtub towels or other bathroomy things.

– You could add a bulky shower caddy, but little cubbies look so much cuter.

– Nooks and alcoves keep soaps and sponges within arm’s reach.

– Get some towel rails, they’re great for saving surface space.

– Try a washstand with towel rails for an even sleeker look.

– Make sure every cabinet or piece you buy for your tiny bathroom has a purpose.

– Opt for mirrors with shelving or drawers if you don’t want the usual medicine cupboard.

– Try a sliding door rather than a swing out one because space is taken up when it’s opened.


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Shower Recess & Windows

Natural light is too important for cramped spaces to block with a dingy shower curtain in your granny flat bathroom, so leave the dark curtain or foggy glass. Instead, opt for clear glass, but if you can, don’t have a door that will block off the shower recess. That will make the shower recess feel like you can stand in it without feeling cramped. If you really need or want to use a curtain:

– Use one that’s not traditional – try one more like a drape than your ordinary plastic shower curtain.

– This kind of curtain not only adds sophistication to a bathroom but makes the shower recess feel like a bonus rather than just space waiting for some useful purpose.


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Buy a Few Woven Baskets

Twin sinks are a sleek option for your little granny flat bathroom, but the lack of cabinets cut down your storage space, however:

– Oversized woven baskets are great for storing your fluffy bath towels.

– A small table with an open base can supply a place to put flowers, candles or magazines.

– Extend you bathroom shelves to make up for the lack of a linen closet.

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