To understand the difference with Granny Flats there are essentially 3 basic types:

A granny flat is defined as a self-contained extra dwelling on a single residential property.
1. A conversion is a granny flat that is built in your existing home.
2. An extension is a granny flat that is attached to your home.
3. A detached granny flat is a separate dwelling on your property.
Regulations vary in different councils/states, but in general:
• Granny flats can be built only on Residential Zone property.
• Only one granny flat is allowed on any single residential property.
• The owner of the granny flat must also be the owner of the primary dwelling.
• The granny flat cannot take up more space than the maximum allowed for the primary dwelling.
• As a rule, a granny flat can have no more than 60 square metres of living space and 12 square metres of patio or veranda space.
• Granny flats cannot exist on strata title, subdivided or community title property.
Getting Approval for your Granny Flat:
As long as your granny flat adheres to the regulations outlined above and local building codes, getting approval to build a granny flat can be relatively quick and easy. You will need to get Development Application approval (this can take as little as 10 days). Your application will need to include (depending on your circumstances and location):
• Survey plan
• Architectural drawings
• Structural Engineers drawings
• BASIX Certificate
If you want to be sure of getting it right the first time, get a local granny flat builder to help you through the process. They will be aware of all the regulations you need to comply with and ensure you get the fastest possible building approval.
If you are planning on converting an unused portion of your house into a granny flat, keep in mind that it must include a separate entrance. Passage through shared living space is not allowed. If you are building a separate granny flat or adding an extension, be sure provision is made for unobstructed street access.

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