How To Choose a Granny Flat Design

Our unique products mean that we build all of our granny flats within our warehouse to measure the design and layout specs you want. What this means for you is that you have a set timeframe for when the build will be completed and crane-lifted and installed on your property.
You can choose from over 8 designs with 15 different sizes and our stylish collection ranges from one-bedroom, two and three bedroom granny flats.
Each customised Homes design comes with fully detailed plans and specifications ready for you to submit to your relevant Council for approval.
Our simple process lets you choose from a collection of quality fixtures and accessories. You may choose to equip your home with our carefully selected standard inclusions, or choose from any of our upgrade options. Simply mix and match the combination that suits you best.
We let you choose everything from door handles and laundry tubs to ovens, kitchen taps and bench-tops.
We fully itemise all upgrade options during this customisation process so you stay in control of costs and within your budget.
The nature of our products means that even hard-to-access locations pose no problem. Rest assured that we’d get everything there. The added bonus of building our granny flats in our warehouse means that there is little interruption to the existing dwelling, weather plays no part in building and the overall process is seamless.

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