Fox Transportables – Your Granny Flat Builder

When selecting the right granny flat builder it is best to consider a few key
factors. With so many builders to choose from, different architect designs, the
price and overall quality are all important considerations.
Ignoring these details can result in problems such as delays in building, poor
execution or poor quality work and overall budget blowouts can be very real
To prevent the additional headache give yourself the best change of getting
exactly what you are after in a timely fashion at the right budget.
1. Confirm that the company is a licensed builder. You can even request
their license number.
2. Request references and a list of completed projects. Where possible you
can walk through a completed Granny Flat for inspection.
3. Confirm that the company know WA Legislation to enable the Granny
Flat build to comply with local restrictions.
4. Ensure the website is professional and informative
5. Check all inclusions in the quote. Some companies only quote the bare
basics and leave out things such as essential service connections to make
their quote appear cheap in comparison to their competitors. Sometimes
cheapest isn’t the best – Always bare in mind that you pay for what you
get. Quality product, service is always factored into a solid quote.
Here at Fox Transportables’ we aim to make you feel comfortable that you have
the right Granny Flat builder in Perth.

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