How To Organise a Small Bedroom in Your Granny Flat

If you have a small bedroom in your granny flat, make the most of your space and keep it clean and breathable. Not sure how to do it? The key is to create a simple, cosy and decluttered look, maximise space you have and think of a creative idea to organise all the available storage space. Try to act like a minimalist and ask yourself what you really need in your tranquil sleeping space. A cosy bed, a wardrobe, nightstand and bare walls with a few cool artworks? Many bedroom furniture pieces you are tempted to buy aren’t exactly necessary and they only make a small bedroom is harder to keep neat.

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Keep It Simple

If you are not sure how to design a cosy bedroom in your small granny flat, start by creating a simple layout. Making a list of items you really need is a great idea. One of the best tips is to stay away from all the unnecessary furniture and storage units and stick to practical items that will save a lot of space. Organise your room wisely and make it seem bigger than it is. Choose smaller pieces, opt for brighter colours, keep all the corners clear and eliminate everything you don’t really need such as a big dressing table or a massive office desk. A built-in wardrobe and two-in-one furniture pieces that can double as storage spaces can help you maximise space you have in your small granny flat bedroom.

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Declutter Space

A small bedroom in a granny flat can start looking messy easier than you think. It is enough to pull out a few pieces from your wardrobe drop your handbag on the floor or leave books, newspapers, receipts, pills, water bottles and cosmetic products lying around. Not sure how to prevent this? Decluttering your bedroom once a week is a good idea, but you should also make sure to organise your storage space so that you can always easily put everything away.  

Keep Your Nightstand Clear

A nightstand in your small bedroom is often used to pile things up. Items that usually end up lying beside your bed are those little things you are using every day such as watches, tissues, jewellery pieces, pens, face creams or hand creams. Do you need a creative idea on how to store everything away? Instead of keeping things on top of your bedside table, why not organise your space better and have a storage unit underneath it? Make sure to always keep things neat in your small granny flat at all times.

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Opt For Smart Storage Spaces

If you have a small bedroom in your granny flat, be creative with storage ideas and solutions. Do you have unused space underneath your bed? Use it to store things in boxes. You can even purposely buy a single or a double bed that has hidden compartments where you can hide away shoes, clothes, duvets and even books. Not sure how to store your clothes if you have no space for a proper wardrobe? You can keep seasonal pieces on a garment rack and store away things you are not wearing at the moment. It will be so much easier to organise and keep space decluttered if there is a clever storage unit for everything you need in your bedroom.

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