Small Bedroom Colour Schemes for Your Granny Flat

If you have purchased a small granny flat and you want to make the bedroom appear bigger, brighter and cosier, start by choosing the right theme and selecting the perfect colours to paint your walls. The design is very important, especially if you purchased an investment property. It can affect mood, improve the quality of sleep and make space seem bigger or smaller. Bold, vivacious colours are always a good idea because they will immediately breathe life into any small space, but while some of them can make your sleeping area seem massive, others might visually shrink them.

The best trick is to choose the right combination of hues and paint larger surfaces in colours that will visually enlarge your small bedroom. Lighter shades such as white, eggshell, ivory, beige, yellow, sky blue and blush pink are the best and the safest options for your small granny flat if you want to expand your bedroom, but some riskier colour blocking combinations can also look very appealing, especially on a wall. Keep in mind that bold and vibrant designs can distract the eye and open up space or make it seem cluttered and smaller than it actually is. To give you a better idea on how to style a top-notch sleeping space, we listed seven elegant combinations of colours and investment property tips for small granny flats.

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white bed


Pure white is one of the best colours for a small bedroom in your granny flat because it can make a tiny space seem much brighter and larger. White paint can be mixed with a range of colours including soft pastels, nude hues, various shades of brown, a myriad of vivid colours and very dark tones. However, your idea of the perfect sleeping area involves a very modern, minimalistic design, white on white is the ultimate combination for a small bedroom, especially if you have a wall with big windows and large mirrors that will further expand space.

Purple and Yellow

If you want to combine two bold colours in your small granny flat, mixing a lighter shade of purple with vibrant lemon yellow is a wonderful idea because you can create a stunning contrast on the wall. While purple is calming, mysterious and cool, yellow is vibrant and uplifting and the two of them look beautiful together. But since you are designing your bedroom, don’t make a strong juxtaposition and save yellow for smaller details while keeping large surfaces dyed in light purple paint. The best colours for details include blue, green and grey.

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Navy Blue and Wood

You can even turn your small granny flat into a cosy ocean-inspired retreat by mixing deep shades of navy blue with warm wooden colours. This design idea works well for small bedrooms as any dark paint can create an illusion of depth and camouflage the fact that your space is actually small. Whether you prefer bohemian chic, modern minimalism or seaside elegance, this combination of colours offers a myriad of design possibilities. Navy blue walls, carpets and curtains will look their best when contrasted with timber furniture, flooring and decorative details.


Grey with Vibrant Touches

From creamier and lighter colours to dark, gunmetal shades, rich grey is yet another shade you can use to decorate a small granny flat. Use grey paint for larger surfaces such as walls and juxtapose it with the best vibrant and eye-catching hues such as orange, yellow, lime green or fuchsia. Wooden details will fit in nicely into your small bedroom because they will instantly add warmth to space.

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Blush Pink and White

A feminine combination of pink and white is the best idea for a small girly bedroom in your granny flat. If you want a truly sophisticated design, avoid strong pastel shades of pink and opt for powdery blush pink that blends so well with white. There two very light colours will make any room in your granny flat seem larger because they are so soft and never overpowering, especially on a wall. And while keeping all the bigger surfaces light and airy, you may add a few accents dyed in grey, silver, gold, navy blue or black paint.

Eggshell, Cappuccino and Brown

Warm and frothy shades of cappuccino, rich brown and eggshell white can be mixed together to create a cosy interior of your small granny flat and give it a very intimate feel. Lighter shades look their best on a wall because they can absorb more of natural and artificial light in the room, opening up your small bedroom space and making it seem brighter and more inviting. A darker paint is a great idea if you want a different shade for accents, while deeper brown colours will create the best effect when used for furniture and decorations.

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