Relax! These Paint Colours May Help Lower Your Stress

For many years it’s been said that colour can affect a person’s mood, and stress levels, especially the shades they live and work in day by day. A cross-cultural study on colour and light in real indoor and work environments that was published in the Journal of Ergonomics (1) showed light and colour influenced the mood of participants. But the colour and light had to be in the Goldilocks zone, not too dark and not too bright but just right to help participants feel calm and reduce stress.  

Another study (2) also confirmed that colour can alter a person’s mood, with red possibly increasing stress responses, and white and green making the participants feel calm and relaxed.  Also, Australian paint company Taubmans has what it says is scientific proof that colour can affect a person’s mood. So, the following might give you an idea of which areas of your house, apartment or granny flat might benefit from creating a calming colour scheme using dusky pink or one of the paler shades of green to reduce stress levels.

How to Decide on the Calming Colour Scheme

If you’re finding it hard to decide on your fresh, new, calming colour scheme, even if you’ve got colour charts scattered all over the coffee table (sometimes too much choice can be confusing) don’t despair. A good way to plan your calming colour scheme is to relax, take a deep breath and think about the mood you want to create. Ask yourself which rooms ought to be cool and calm, and which ones could be a bit more exciting. The Taubmans study can be a guide to help you to create a room that will benefit your mood, according to Tim Walsh from the well-known paint company. He says we all have an instinct for which colours make us feel calm and which ones make us feel stimulated, or even to feel a lot of stress. Some colours do make us feel calm and relaxed, while others can make us feel excited or cheerful, and the wrong colours can make us feel tense, bored, sad and even irritated.

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The Taubmans Paint Colour Study

The Taubmans Colour Emotion Study(3), touted as a world first, used Virtual Reality (VR) technology to discover the main colours that can evoke a range of moods and emotions, and stress and which were the calming colours in real-life environments. The paint company joined virtual reality company Liminal VR, and a team of neuroscientists and psychologists to conduct the study in Melbourne with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health as consultants. There were 745 participants in the colour study and they wore a Google Daydream Virtual Reality headset and controller as part of the experiment. To elicit clear emotional responses to a broad range of colours in different interiors, the participants were exposed to immersive, three-dimensional experiences.

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The Results: Colours For Relaxation in the Living Room

The living room is where we spend a lot of family time or just relaxation time, so here is where you need a calming colour to help reduce stress.  The most popular Taubmans paint shades for calm reflection and relaxation in the study were:

  • Seagull
  • Morning Fog
  • Dawn Break
  • Candy Cream
  • Faded Lilac
  • Padre Blue

In the study, 41 per cent voted Taubmans Seagull, a soft grey-green colour, as the most relaxing and calming colour. Morning Fog was the favourite of 38 percent of participants who chose the soft, eggshell tone as the most calming colour. With so many of us living in coastal regions, it’s probably not surprising that soft pastels are commonly thought to create an environment in which people feel calm, and have more tranquil emotions.

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What are the Energising Colours?

The hues more likely to make us feel more lively, excited or stimulated are oranges, yellows and the occasional pink shades. The most cheer-inducing colour is a sunny yellow, which is not surprising. The Taubmans participants favoured daring colours of rich orange and pink to cheer them up, but if you’re considering these for your home or granny flat then the advice is to use them sparingly. For the best results, it’s a good idea to use them in smaller spaces, a feature wall or painted shapes. Also, look to using them in areas other than the living room.

What About the Deep Blue and Charcoal Colours?

While it’s a trend right now, a bold, dark wall can lower a person’s mood and make them feel sad. However, in the 2018 colour of the year for Taubmans, Black Flame was among the top 10 colours the 40 tested during the study. Black Flame or Charcoal Grey can be used to create a feature wall or cocooning, secure and moody space but also make a room seem smaller. Not advised if you are trying to create a sense of space in a granny flat or unit. If used effectively to create a feature wall, bathroom, an entrance, or painted shape, can be striking.


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