Why Choose Fox Transportables?

At Fox Transportables, we are committed to providing top quality portable buildings at an affordable price.

Our locally crafted transportables arrive with minimal turnaround time. After delivery they are only hours away from being move-in ready. Whether you need storage space, office space, or living space, we have designs to meet your needs and fit your budget.


At Fox Transportables, we have a huge selection of brilliant residential designs, or you can create what you need by customising. Are you are interested in joining the trend towards simplified living with a tiny house? Do you need a residence close to you for a relative, or are you adding space to your current home for recreation or storage? Fox Transportables has what you need, with the quality you deserve, at a price you will love.

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Fox Transportables can cost-effectively meet your needs for extra space to conduct business. We offer many sizes and styles of transportables suitable for classrooms, executive space, worker accommodations, toilet facilities, or storage buildings. We can even help you create a caravan park on your property, if permitted. Our transportables are built locally by craftsmen with decades of experience, and your building arrives with little turnaround time.

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With help from Fox Transportables, your mining site is easily outfitted to meet all of your needs. We have comfortable modern accommodation for your crew, as well as ample office space. Additionally, our expert builders can create other structures for your operation. You may opt for things like a medical hut, portable toilets, kitchens, laundry, and dining facilities. You can easily move the site because our high-quality buildings are fast to put up, transport long distances, and disassemble.

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If you need a space for the short-term or are not sure of your future circumstances, Fox Transportables has attractive options to lease our structures. We offer both short term and long-term leases to our customers. After the initial three months, the lease is open-ended. We will also review shorter duration leases, as well as lease to buy options on an individual basis. Many customers find leasing one of Fox Transportables’ structures the perfect solution to temporary space needs.

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