Here at Fox Transportables, we have spent the last decade building more than quality portable multi-purpose buildings.

We build relationships with satisfied customers who refer family, friends, and business associates. In addition to stellar customer service, competitive pricing, and an exceptional product, our modular units have several key advantages.

Fox Transportable benefits

The Benefits

  • Assurance of quality controled construction - All of Fox Transportables’ products come from our company’s manufacturing facility. This provides peace of mind knowing that Fox team members are overseeing all of the details related to your building. No shoddy middleman is providing sub-par elements. Additionally, your build is not at the mercy of the skills of the team at the construction site. Our controlled facility allows us to produce exceptional products for every customer every time.
  • We are environmentally responsible - Working in our production facility helps Fox Transportables control waste by managing the factors involved in producing your modular building. This includes maximising efficiency so we can use fewer resources.

  • Accurate prices - Since we control our production carefully, the price we quote is the price you will pay. The exacting standards we enforce leave no room for extra costs added into your transportable.
  • Short build times - Because much of our work on your project happens in our manufacturing facility, we are not subject to the whims of the weather. This greatly increases our ability to predict a time frame for your project. Our controlled environment also allows us to begin the on-site construction work at the same time we create the components of your modular structure.
Short build times
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  • Flexibility - Our design and production techniques allow us to create a space to meet your needs. Changes or additions that would derail a conventional build are not a problem for us.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Modular construction allows you to manage the costs of your build carefully. Because you have the freedom to choose options such as finishes and detailing, you can adapt your project to fit within your budget.

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