Fox Transportables has been serving the mining sector for many years. We understand the types of structures necessary to meet the comfort and safety needs of mining crews.


Nothing ruins morale or jeopardises a job like poor living conditions. At Fox Transportables, we pride ourselves on creating comfortable structures (such as dongas and other forms of worker's accommodation) to house your crew. We can adjust for size or specific needs so that your workers are at home in their surroundings.

Housing for your workers does not have to be unpleasant. We can create homey buildings where the crew feel at ease and relaxed after long hours spent mining.

Naturally, most of our transportable dongas and other demountable buildings are climate controlled and made to house the number of occupants you choose. Often, we see crews prefer a few medium sized structures over one very large space. If you are not sure which option will work best, our experienced designers can help you decide what fits your crew and your budget.

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Any well-run mine site has designated office space, but wouldn’t modern and spacious office space be better? Fox Transportables will work with you to build the office that fits your budget and your work comfortably.

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Portable Bathrooms

On a number of mining sites, particular those in the infancy stages, portable toilets are necessary. Fox Transportables will provide your working crew with sanitary and modern facilities.

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Commercial Kitchens

You and your workers need fresh food from a clean, modern kitchen. Fox Transportables will work with you to craft a commercial kitchen just right for your kitchen staff and their cooking requirements.

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Just like our portable kitchens, we will give you the right sized laundry to get the job done. This is particularly important in the large, remote Western Australian mining communities.

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Medical Huts

Having a clean, quiet place for medical staff to tend to job-site aliments is necessary. These facilities can range in size from small off-site huts, to large dedicated spaces within a mining camp.

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Custom Buildings

No two sites are identical and what works well in one area is not useful in another. That is why the Fox Transportables team is happy to work with you to customise any special buildings you require.

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    Transportables are typically leased for a minimum of 3 months. Considerations can be made for shorter periods depending on individual circumstances. Lease periods after 3 months are open ended.

    You will need to ensure the site pad is level and free from any debris. Local shires and councils may need to be contacted to ensure that any bylaws are adhered to.

    Transportables are moved either by HIAB or tilt-tray trucks. There should be adequate room (approx 3.6m) for a truck to be able to reverse toward the site pad and turn if necessary – then they can be easily slid off or craned into position.

    Yes – a transport fee will be payable at the time of delivery. These will vary depending on pickup and drop off locations.

    In order to reserve a transportable, a security deposit is required. Once this has been received, the unit is then confirmed for lease.

    Your deposit is fully refundable less any moneys owing for damage, repairs or cleaning.

    An electrician will be required to do this. This tradesman should be ticketed and qualified. Costs will vary from site to site and a quote should be obtained prior to the transportable arriving.

    Water can be connected using a standard hose fitting.

    The waste water from the kitchen, shower and toilet all exits through a 100mm waste pipe. You may choose to connect this to existing septics or a soak-well. All sites have different options available depending on their circumstances so a quote should be obtained prior to the transportable arriving.

    Fox Transportables operate in Western Australia and our buildings can be delivered anywhere within the State.

    Yes – we can build to any size and can configure the internal fittings to suit your purpose.

    Payment is done via an automatic weekly transfer.


    Phone0428 995 182 (Sales Enquiries)

    Map13 Boom Street, Gnangara WA 6077