Mining Accommodation (Dongas & Other Demountables)

Those with experience in the mining industry know how important it is to have your employees in a good frame of mind and working as a team. One sure-fire way to wreck morale and put everyone on edge is housing workers in uncomfortable surroundings.

Over our years in business, Fox Transportables’ experience helped us learn the preferences of mine workers and how to keep them comfortable and happy. We create a homey environment for your crew, in a climate-controlled space, with room to spread out.

Look over our floor plans below for more information about our dongas and other forms of mining worker's accommodation. Looking for second hand stock? View our current range of second hand stock here.

If you need something a little different (or you're looking for floor plans that are not listed below), we can work with you to make a customised space. Contact Nick at or on 0428 995 182.