Mining Accommodation (Dongas & Other Demountables)

Those with experience in the mining industry know how important it is to have your employees in a good frame of mind and working as a team. One sure-fire way to wreck morale and put everyone on edge is housing workers in uncomfortable surroundings.

Over our years in business, Fox Transportables’ experience helped us learn the preferences of mine workers and how to keep them comfortable and happy. We create a homey environment for your crew, in a climate-controlled space, with room to spread out.

Look over our floor plans below for more information about our dongas and other forms of mining worker's accommodation. Looking for second hand stock? View our current range of second hand stock here.

If you need something a little different (or you're looking for floor plans that are not listed below), we can work with you to make a customised space. Contact Nick at or on 0428 995 182.

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    Modern transportable accommodations positively impact your site for a few reasons.

    • Your workers are in safe, clean, and comfortable surroundings
    • By making transportable accommodations available, you demonstrate your concern for your team's well-being
    • When your crew is rested and in good spirits, efficiency and morale increase

    The team at Fox Transportables have a unique understanding of the needs and preferences of FIFO workers based on our years of industry experience. For example, workers prefer several medium-sized buildings rather than one large building for their quarters.

    All transportable accommodations must fulfil most of the exact requirements of the Building Code Australia, such as the requirements for sittings or foundations, drainage and sewerage.

    Since 2009 Fox Transportables has supplied top-quality transportables to mining companies, the wheat belt, and numerous other industries. We work directly with you to create customised buildings that meet your needs and fit your budget. Fox Transportables' buildings are engineer-certified and designed to conform to the Building Codes of Australia. We use sustainable and responsibly sourced materials to produce our transportables and recycle to reduce waste.