Commercial Kitchens for Mine Sites & Camps

While your workers are living far from home, one of the most important comforts is often a fresh and tasty meal. Well-fed crews are generally happy and productive, so it is important to provide clean, modern, and sanitary kitchen facilities for your cooks.

Fox Transportables make professional kitchens in a variety of sizes. These are all fully equipped with the latest and most useful equipment to keep your cooks productive and comfortable in their surroundings. We are able to customise kitchens to your specifications, or you can choose from our floor plans.

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    Food is a significant factor in employee morale, and high-quality, enjoyable food comes from top-level kitchen facilities. Your crew relies on mealtime as a way to relax and recharge, making them more productive. Additionally, a clean facility to prepare and eat food is one of the requirements enforced by the Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation, and Safety.

    Since 2009, Fox Transportables has provided buildings that are made to meet the exacting standards of those who prepare and enjoy meals in them. We rely on feedback from our clients and use our experience to create top-of-the-line portable buildings for cooking and dining.

    One of the most significant advantages to a Fox Transportables commercial kitchen is that our designers know what is necessary to keep your crew happy. Over the years, our portable buildings have evolved to create optimal cooking and dining experiences.