Portable Medical Huts & Buildings for Mine Sites

No mining site should be without a medical hut. While all employers and employees hope that medical intervention is never necessary, the fact remains that sometimes accidents and illnesses visit even the most careful and well-prepared mining camps. This is why you need a clean and fully equipped medical hut.

Fox Transportables has many options for you to consider. Some sites are fine with a small building situated out of the way. Others require larger and more advanced medical facilities.

We can help you create the medical facility best suited for your site, or you can choose from one of our floor plans. If you're looking for floor plans that are not listed below, please contact Nick at nberry@foxtransportables.com.au or on 0428 995 182.

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    Unfortunately, even the safest sites will experience illnesses or injuries. A medical hut is necessary to ensure your crew is well cared for and healthy. Fox Transportables can work with you to ensure your medical hut meets your mining site's needs.

    We began building transportables in 2009. Since then, Fox Transportables has learned the features you need to have a top-flight medical facility on your site. We understand that sometimes a small out-of-the-way medical hut is ideal, and more extensive facilities are sometimes required.

    Fox Transportables proudly offers engineer-designed medical huts that meet all Australian requirements. We use top-grade, responsibly sourced materials and do our part to recycle and keep waste to a minimum. Our team works with you to create the medical facility that will be able to offer your crew the care they need when they need it.