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The Fox brand has been supplying Western Australia with transportable buildings for more than a decade. We’re known for our high quality and legendary customer service.

We’re bringing our expertise in manufacturing high-end structures to the modular home market. We provide stunning interiors, bespoke finishings, and industry-leading customer service. As a result of this, we’re swiftly becoming Western Australia’s number 1 small builder. To learn more about modular residential homes, call us today.

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Fox Granny Flats

Granny Flat Service

Granny Flats

When the laws regarding building on your property in Australia changed, granny flats became hugely popular. Of course, not all granny flats are created equally, and we heard our fair share of unhappy stories.

This is why Fox Transportables opted to put a great deal of energy into designing and creating top of the line structures from local materials. Add in the fact that we are a locally owned business with skilled craftsmen from the area, and you can see why Fox Transportables is committed to serving customers all over Western Australia.

You will enjoy significant savings with a Fox Transportables granny flat compared to other companies who outsource their work or traditional add-on construction. This can cost markedly more than a customisable granny flat.

Our granny flats come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Whether you need a granny flat just for Gran, something a little larger for your adult children, or you are thinking of renting your granny flat for income; we can meet your needs.

Our granny flats come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Whether you need a granny flat just for Gran, something a little larger for your adult children, or you are thinking of renting your granny flat for income; we can meet your needs.

Our granny flats come with many customisable features, including options for wheelchair accessibility. You can choose from options such as colour, overall-size, counter height for wheelchairs, and other details based on what is best for your particular instance. Our expert designers are happy to lend a hand if you would like changes but are not sure about specific details.

Because we are local, our turn around time is short. Generally, granny flats are ready in around three weeks or a little longer, depending on the custom work involved.

Delivery and set up of your granny flat is also fast. Our team utilises an easy-load lift system that ensures the packing and unloading of your granny flat is safe and speedy. Often our staff will have your granny flat ready to occupy in just a few hours. Should your circumstances change, our granny flats come apart quickly. There is no need to stress if you need to relocate or if you plan to sell your granny flat.

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Granny Flats

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Fox Modular

Residential Modular Home

Modular Homes

Over a decade ago, Fox introduced Perth and surrounding areas in Western Australia to their fabricated buildings. By supplying customers with exceptional quality, well-planned, and expertly crafted transportables, Fox solidified itself as the premier supplier of manufactured transportable buildings.

Fox is using the knowledge gleaned from years of experience to bring their skills, creativity, and craftsmanship to the manufacturing of high-end modular homes. Customers within the modular home niche will discover the customer care, attention to detail, and stunning interiors that earned Fox the reputation of being the top builder of commercial transportables, granny flats, and tiny homes in Western Australia.

The prefabricated home industry is taking all areas of Western Australia by storm. At one time, the term modular home conjured images of buildings with poorly graded materials and a lack of style located in lower-end neighbourhoods. However, the homes crafted by Fox Modular Homes are stunning and fit perfectly into high-end areas.

Because of advances in the products and technology surrounding the manufactured home industry, Fox can create affordable and gorgeous modular homes to suit any taste or budget. Inexpensive does not equal cheap at Fox Modular Homes.

Residential Modular
Fox Residential Modular

Top Reasons Our Customers Choose a Modular Home From Fox

  • You can create the space you love. Fox Modular Homes believe that customization is a customer’s right. Your vision is achievable when working with Fox and you are in control of all phases of the build
  • Your bespoke living space will meet your needs. Customers with access challenges can relax knowing counter heights and shower stalls will make their lives easier and their new home enjoyable.
  • For customers who prefer to leave the planning to us, Fox Modular Homes has a catalogue full of predesigned model homes. These home designs are construction ready, and building can start nearly immediately.

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