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Granny Flats

When the laws regarding building on your property in Australia changed, granny flats became hugely popular. Of course, not all granny flats are created equally, and we heard our fair share of unhappy stories.

This is why Fox Transportables opted to put a great deal of energy into designing and creating top of the line structures from local materials. Add in the fact that we are a locally owned business with skilled craftsmen from the area, and you can see why Fox Transportables is committed to serving customers all over Western Australia.

You will enjoy significant savings with a Fox Transportables granny flat compared to other companies who outsource their work or traditional add-on construction. This can cost markedly more than a customisable granny flat.

Our granny flats come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Whether you need a granny flat just for Gran, something a little larger for your adult children, or you are thinking of renting your granny flat for income; we can meet your needs.

Our granny flats come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Whether you need a granny flat just for Gran, something a little larger for your adult children, or you are thinking of renting your granny flat for income; we can meet your needs.

Our granny flats come with many customisable features, including options for wheelchair accessibility. You can choose from options such as colour, overall-size, counter height for wheelchairs, and other details based on what is best for your particular instance. Our expert designers are happy to lend a hand if you would like changes but are not sure about specific details.

Because we are local, our turn around time is short. Generally, granny flats are ready in around three weeks or a little longer, depending on the custom work involved.

Delivery and set up of your granny flat is also fast. Our team utilises an easy-load lift system that ensures the packing and unloading of your granny flat is safe and speedy. Often our staff will have your granny flat ready to occupy in just a few hours. Should your circumstances change, our granny flats come apart quickly. There is no need to stress if you need to relocate or if you plan to sell your granny flat.

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We offer transportable buildings in a range of sizes

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Fox Modular

Fox Modular Homes

Modular Homes

For more than a decade, the Fox brand has been supplying Perth and other parts of Western Australia with the highest-quality manufactured buildings, along with our legendary attention to detail and customer-centric approach.

Now, we are bringing our deep expertise in the manufacturing of high-end structures to the modular home niche. Our aim is to deliver to the residential home market the same stunning interiors, bespoke finishings and industry-leading customer service that have made us Western Australia’s top builder of tiny homes, granny flats and transportable commercial buildings.

At Fox Modular Homes, less expensive doesn’t mean cheap.

The term modular home can be associated with low-end materials and downscale neighbourhoods. But advancements in manufactured buildings over the last two decades have seen the modular home and prefabricated building industries explode into higher-end markets.

  • Part of the allure of building a new home is the ability to create a completely bespoke living space that is custom tailored to the needs of the customer.
  • We place no restrictions whatsoever on the level of customisability that our clients enjoy.
  • At the same time, we offer a fully construction-ready, predesigned catalogue of model homes that we can begin building immediately. Some of these are available for walkthroughs in our extensive showroom.
  • From the size, to the floor plan, to the placement and type of windows, the customer is in complete control of every aspect of the design process.

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Modular Homes

Fox Tiny Homes

Fox Tiny Homes

Tiny homes can literally be towed almost anywhere

Tiny Homes

Tiny houses began as a way to simplify living and conserve resources, and now they are a worldwide phenomenon. These small structures are so popular that they are the subject of international television programming as well as tiny home associations and tiny house communities around the globe.

Creating tiny houses for our customers is a natural fit for Fox Transportables. We are already Western Australia’s leader in worker accommodation and granny flats. Our talented designers delight in making plans for tiny houses and our builders utilise their expert skills to create top quality tiny houses that are second-to-none.

We offer three options for our customers depending on what level of input they want in their tiny home.

Tiny Homes

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