Caravan Park Homes

For many people, temporary (or permanent) housing in caravan park homes are an affordable way to travel, a good way to make extra income by renting, or a spacious and economical way to scale back while still enjoying your permanent residence.

Fox Transportables offers many fantastic choices for caravan park homes. Whether you plan on smaller cozy units, larger family-friendly spaces, or something in between, Fox can meet your need with sparkling clean, modern, and climate-controlled.

You can learn more by checking out our floor plans or by contacting Fox Transportables. Our expert staff will help you discover the right transportable building for your needs.

If you're looking for floor plans that's not listed below, please contact Nick at or on 0428 995 182.

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    Caravan Park homes are ideal homes for many people. Some use them as temporary housing or holiday getaways. Others scale back their living space and make transportable caravan park units permanent homes. They are also a great way to make extra income by renting them. We specialise in modern and comfortable transportables to fit any need.

    Mobile caravan park homes give you many options regarding use. Fox Transportable mobile caravan park homes also give you the choice of floorplans. Whether you want a cozy space for two or units large enough for extended family retreats, we can meet your needs. You can rely on our quality and years in the business.

    • Consider a land survey to get the most up-to-date information regarding the land and zoning ordinances
    • Double-check your permit status to ensure everything is as it should be with your shire, city, and state
    • Choose where the transportable will sit on your land, and be sure the area is accessible for equipment
    • Ensure your foundation meets the required ordinances
    • Check to make sure your utilities will be ready when you need them

    At Fox Transportables, we have spent over a decade perfecting our transportables. As a family-owned company, we proudly use local products and local artisans to build our portable buildings. We believe in operating sustainably and want to bring your dreams to life.