Classrooms and Offices

At Fox Transportables, our goal is to provide the right space at the right price to all of our customers. We understand that in the worlds of business and education, sometimes a bit of extra space can make the difference between a productive day and a frustrating fiasco.

We offer a large number of modern and roomy spaces suited for classrooms or to house office space. Our modern, clean, and climate-controlled transportable buildings will satisfy a variety of your needs for a school setting or business.

To learn more, contact us, and one of our staff can help you find the space you need.

If you're looking for floor plans that's not listed below, please contact Nick at or on 0428 995 182.

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    It can be surprising how quickly spaces fill up. Whether it is with desks and students or office supplies and staff, you need the right amount of space to operate efficiently and comfortably. Fox Transportables makes it possible to increase your space and your productivity.

    Studies show that children learn better and workers are more efficient and happier when they have enough organised space. We have a number of floor plans to consider, or we can work with you to create the ideal transportable building for you.

    As with all types of mobile buildings, you must be up to date with permits and ensure that the area where you will put the transportable is free of any material that may make delivery difficult. Ensure utilities will be ready when you are.

    At Fox Transportables, we have been in the business of creating the perfect spaces for our customers for well over a decade. As a family-owned company, we proudly use local products and local artisans to build our portable buildings. Our customers matter to us, so we listen to the type of structure you visualise and then make your vision a reality.