Disability Bathrooms

It is a sad fact that many people with various physical challenges struggle with acts as basic and necessary as using toilet facilities. At Fox Transportables, we understand the needs of the disabled as well as the proper codes and designs that can make life much easier.

Our experienced team can deliver many different size bathrooms for the disabled to any approved site. All of our transportable bathrooms are clean, modern and climate controlled. The buildings are properly outfitted with the necessary adaptions to simplify toileting for those with physical challenges.

If you're looking for floor plans that's not listed below, please contact Nick at nberry@foxtransportables.com.au or on 0428 995 182.

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    We firmly believe that accessible bathrooms are something every person with a physical challenge should be able to access. By offering facilities that are adapted to meet the needs of someone who struggles, you are making life a little easier for many people.

    Accessible bathrooms come in numerous floor plans and sizes. At Fox Transportables, our designers know the codes that must be observed when building toilet facilities for disabled persons. Our designers are happy to work with you to create the best design for you.

    You should ensure that mobile disability bathrooms adhere to any ordinances (local, city, and state), then choose a site that is accessible and cleared for equipment. Talk with Fox Transportables to ensure that your foundation is sound and your utilities are ready to be connected.

    At Fox Transportables, we are experienced in designing and building accessible facilities, and we have put our experience to work for you. We have over a decade of experience perfecting our transportables, including our accessible bathrooms. As a family-owned local Western Australian company, we proudly use local products and local craftspeople to design and build our portable buildings. You can choose from several floor plans for the bathroom or consult with us for a customised plan.