Lifestyle Villages

Lifestyle villages are quite popular for those over 50 looking for a simpler life. There are many advantages to an easy to care for, new, and modern transportable as a home.

Fox Transportables can provide the right accommodations for all villages. We have many options and offer a variety of sizes from simple one-bedroom units to larger homes with three or four bedrooms and several baths.

Our professionals at Fox Transportables are able to work with you to achieve your vision for your lifestyle village.

If you're looking for floor plans that's not listed below, please contact Nick at or on 0428 995 182.

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    Keeping in line with the plan of living a simpler life in an over 50 village, Fox Transportables offers new, clean, and modern portable homes. Many people say the fact that there is little to no upkeep is a huge benefit to transportables in a lifestyle village. What benefits do mobile accommodations have for a lifestyle village?

    Transportable accommodations are ideal for lifestyle villages. At Fox, we offer a huge variety of sizes and styles of homes. You can choose a simple one-bedroom/one-bath building or size up to four bedrooms and multiple baths. There is something for everyone with Fox Transportables.

    Go over your plans with those in charge of your lifestyle village. Make any required adjustments to your plan and check off every box so your transportable is safe and within all ordinances.

    At Fox Transportables, we have over a decade of experience perfecting our transportables. As a family-owned local Western Australian company, we proudly use local products and local craftspeople to design and build our portable buildings. We believe in partnering with our customers and not just selling transportable buildings.